Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sarah, Charlie, and Olive - a family affair

This was on the tail end of the outside portraits from last year because it was getting a bit too cold. But the warm sunshine in the morning down in Old Town Alexandria got us through the cold.

What I loved about this session was the family had it in their minds that they wanted black and whites, but once they saw all of the colors their minds were changed!

I did bring a flash with me, just in case, but it turned out necessary and wasn't very practical trying to chase the little one around!

I did not, however include another one of my favorite pictures I grabbed while running backwards trying to keep up with Olive skipping down the of my lenses fell out of my lens bag and went bouncing down the concrete. Luckily it landed first on the lens hood and was caught before any rolling towards the water occurred, so no damage done - one great reason to use a lens hood.