Tuesday, February 23, 2010

(follow-up) Sharin' the Upsherin

Last fall, I showed you some photos from an upsherin invitation. We thought it would also be nice to get an immediate before and after photo of the guest of honor, so I set up a make shift studio in the back corner of the rec room.

I had about 5 feet of depth to work with and a beam of direct sunlight pouring across my frame, but all of that pales in comparison to getting a 3 year old to sit still in a room full of other 3 year olds and a table full of sugar designed especially for you.

Well, we couldn't get him to face the opposite direction for the second shot, but we could get him looking the same way, so I flipped one of the images.....unless you can read hebrew, you can't notice. Not ideal, but when a 3 year old is your boss......you do what you're told!

Simple studio was a roll of black seamless paper. A Nikon SB-28 in an umbrella high center as key. Another SB-28 in an umbrella low (as in on the ground) center, and an electrically modded Vivitar 285HV back right as a small rim. All controlled remotely with my radiopopper JRx's and fired from a Canon! (I love technology)

Shot at ISO 50, F/5, 1/200 sec, @70mm

But what really takes the cake is the cake his mom made from scratch. And yes, those are cake cars racing around an icing track with a giant cake Yarmulke in the middle (amazing)! And in case you're wondering, she also hand paints Yarmulkes and Tzitzit, that you can find on her Etsy site.