Monday, September 7, 2009

Sharin' the Upsherin

An upsherin is Yiddish for "cutting hair". And marks the first time a Jewish boy gets his hair cut and when he starts wearing a Kippah and Tzitzi. It also happens on his 3rd Jewish birthday.

Took this for the Chaim's upsherin invitation. It wasn't the cover because we couldn't see his face or all of his long hair, but it appeared on the inside, and I think it's a treasure. He had just gotten back from a fair where he got his face painted like a tiger, which apparently still left an impression (and orange face paint his mom almost couldn't get off.) If it's one way to get cute pictures of kids is to have them make funny faces!

We also couldn't resist getting pictures of his sisters. But getting two kids to cooperate with you at the same time is even more challenging. Luckily my wife (a child magnet) was able to challenge them to silly face contest.

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