Friday, February 5, 2010

The Anticipation of Snow - the one that's with you

In anticipation of DC's second major snow storm of the season, I thought I'd give a little warm up from a relatively light snow from earlier this week. Although it was only a couple inches, it was absolutely one of the prettiest snowfalls in history because it was so light that it stuck to every single branch on every tree.

I went out in the morning and walked outside and naturally saw a beautiful scene. It is frequently said (and the title of Chase Jarvis' Book) that the best camera is the one that's with you. I of course didn't have any of my good camera equipment with me that morning, nor do I have an iphone with fancy buttons on it, so I dusted off my 4 year old 6 MP Olympus Stylus 600 that was reviewed on CNET in 2005 and grabbed a few pictures. As you can tell I pushed a little bit of the contrast and colors in a few of these.

Stay safe and bundled up out there!

The snow on the tree looks like cherry blossoms! Almost reminds me of spring.

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