Friday, January 1, 2010

Camera Bags - My Design

So as anyone who takes pictures will know, photographers are never satisfied with just one bag....I know I've gone through several before I even figured out what it is I wanted, and then it doesn't exist. Someone knowing my grief forwarded me on to a contest put on by Kata to design a custom bag and if you win they'll make it for you and give you a bunch of other stuff.

This is my stab at the design. I've never been able to find a day-to-day bag for going around the city or to small events with that's fashionable, not too bulky, and doesn't look like a camera bag. I usually go with random bags that I find, through a towel in the bottom and hope for the best. This is my take on solving the solution.

But I do need your vote (and hopefully 5 stars) to make it to the next stage.

Unfortunately you do need to register to vote. But if you don't have a throw away email address you should make one for these types of things and other things where you're worried about spam. Please note, you must register like you're going to submit a bag, you just don't have too. In exchange for your vote I offer you these steps to create a throw away filter in gmail:

a)go to settings
b)go to filters - > create new filter
c) in the "to" field type (so if my email was alex I'd type
d) "next step"
e)check "skip the inbox" and "apply the label" and create a new label titled "registrations"
d)"create filter"

Now when you use your email address use, the email sent to that address will skip your inbox and automatically be labeled, so if you need to see if you got something you can check it.

Thanks for your 5 stars!:

and here's the design: