Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marine Barracks (2) - small groups and candids

I wrote before about the Marine Barracks at 8th and I parade I covered last summer. And covering the General Petraeus event last week reminded me about some of the extra photos I wanted to share.

It's always interesting getting photos of reception attendees. Once in a while just as I interrupt whatever discussion is going on someone says something that gets everyone in a good mood. I know it couldn't have been me because I'm not that funny of person, but I do try and capture it properly.

Whenever I'm working events I usually don't have the ability, space, or time to set up off camera lights so I'm working with on camera TTL flash. Even when using off camera flash, I'll always use on camera TTL for at least some amount of fill. I set my camera to manual, setting my aperture to at least f/5 to ensure some depth of field with groups and set my ISO so that I can get a reasonable shutter. If I'm flash dominated I'll even go to 1/20 or longer depending on the situation. If not I'll set it at something reasonable to ensure I'm not blowing highlights. Then I'll only adjust my flash compensation depending on the situation.

Here's a standard "excuse me, may I trouble you of a picture". This is of Joe Mantegna who happened to also be in attendance.

It's also important to grab candids of participants interacting. It's very difficult to position yourself so that the back of heads don't distract. Remember because those back of the heads are usually closer to your flash, their heads will be brighter (inverse square law), to minimize this, I will try to angle my flash away from the closest head.

And finally, a podium shot of Lt. General Dunford who was the host for the evening and then serving as the Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations, Headquarters, U.S. Marine corps, Washington, DC.

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