Monday, January 25, 2010

General Petraeus - Auditorium events

I provided coverage for a General Petraeus event last week which gives a great opportunity to discus my theory on auditorium events which, unless someone throws a shoe, are usually anything but exciting.

A lot of this depends on your freedom to move around the event, but luckily I usually get free reign and try not to abuse that privilege. It's always good to make friends with security ahead of time. I almost always position myself up close to one side where I can get an obligatory close up of one side.  Nothing fancy, nothing special, just safe, not even that well exposed.

While in the front I sneak into the back corner and grab a set-up shot.

Once I get a "couple" of frames of something nice and safe, it's time to get a few different perspectives as I make my way up and around the auditorium. I do my best to use external passageways so as not to disturb anything.

I try to stop in the balcony if I have time to give another perspective on my way to the other side.

And finally make sure to grab some up close shot of the other sides of the main event along with shots of some audience participants. This time because I know I already have useable material I can focus on getting things done a little better.

Nothing earth shattering or mind blowing, just some thoughts.

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