Monday, January 18, 2010

Rody and the Capitol

Rody, a very nice gentleman from NY, was visiting our Nation's Capitol and always wanted a picture in front of the Capitol Dome, so he contacted me and I was happy to oblige. Although we had a thrilling time dodging cars and getting out into the middle of Pennsylvania avenue during the crosswalk signals, the final Capitol Dome photo was taken on the capitol lawn on a quiet sidewalk. The other two on a bench along Penn. Ave.

All three photos were manually metered at either f/11 - f/14, ISO 125 - 250, at 1/80th. Key light is an umbrella held just out of frame camera right at about 3/4 power with fill light provided by an orbis ring-flash set at just under full power. Although the ring flash was set at a higher power, the orbis eats up a good amount of light and because it was so much further away from the subject it is effectively much less powerful than the key light, just strong enough to open up the shadows.

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